Friday, November 16, 2007

Winehouse Trainwreck Stops in Birmingham

Just hours after paying her first visit to hubby Blake Fielder-Civil in prison, the "Rehab" singer kicked off the first night of her oft-delayed U.K. tour Wednesday, slurring her way through lyrics, insulting the audience and walking off stage midsong. Her fans responded in kind to the haphazard behavior by booing the singer throughout her abbreviated set and subsequently fleeing the venue in droves.

Winehouse is having some serious mental issues... god bless her... lol

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Ash said...

While everyone is so willing to scream abuse at her for her sub-standard performances, it really sounds like she's unstable.

I've watched the video of her performance in Birmingham and my first thought was of how abnormally thin she looks. Reading that article on the show and about her husbands court case gives off the impression that she's completely obsessed with her husband in a way that isn't entirely normal. She seems very mentally troubled and while she does need to cop on a bit, I think it may be a bit more than her foolishly trying to live the drunken rock and roll lifestyle....