Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A plan of attack.

Ok, so I was watching the Godfather last night and a idea popped in my head. Maybe I could intimidate my mother into letting us be. You know the part when the movie producer wakes up with a horse's head in his bed. I think that would work perfectly!
There are a couple of problems though,
1. I don't like blood
2. I happen to love horses
3. and thats really freaking mean
I eventually calmed down. You see my mother pisses me off but i would never want to send her to the psycho ward. I think a dead horse in her bed would do just that.
Afterwards I actually started to feel guilty about even thinking of it. I mean who would do something like that to their own mother? or anybody for that manner.
I decided to see if anyone would go that low, and what do you know, someone has.
A women in England (who just happens to be a mother) was so pissed off at her neighbor that she put a pig's head on her neighbor's fence post. I know its not a horse but still you got to be pretty freaking pissed to do that.

You gotta read this story to believe it.

Well I guess my conscience and my fear of blood saved my mother from the horse but I had fun last night just thinking about. I also found a really funny story, I feel better already.