Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hello Again

New Job, New perspective. My mother is better so this is the end. Thxs for the short run!! .... Well it's not really the end yet, I feel I have more to say so stay tuned.

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Hank said...


I must be ingrateful, but as an only child and 49 years old I have to tell you that if, your mother thought she could smack her child's face just she lost the argument because her son proved the point, is the case in point for for who my mother is. A VERBALLY ABUSIVE, 100-lbs woman who if she were a man would have received her appearance over the course of time via ass whuppin's from lipping off to the wrong guy. And,although we live under 10 miles apart I see her 4 to 6 times in a year, she calls all of the time, I take about 1/3rd of her calls because her tone annoys me. It pains me to have stumbled across this site because I felt obligated to to write something. I would have loved to have been so fortunate to have had a a mother who loved me for who I could've been had she not been in constant judgement of me as a child, smacking, beating and yelling at me and now of course it is too late, the mold has long set she is old now, but none the more mellow. I wait for the day that she is gone now, to see if I will find the epiphany we have read of,and heard about, but I will not hold my breath. I listened to her abuse my late father, a former U.S. Army Vietnam era Huey gunship pilot, no shrinking violet is he. His sin, he loved her too much. I DON"T LIKE TO THINK ABOUT HER AND i still have to go over there on Thanksgiving and be a pleasant well adjusted adult. Thank you for your site...