Saturday, December 1, 2007

Help people and your vocabulary

Sorry to my loyal 5-6 readers lol, I have been very sick the last few days. So writing on this blog has been very low on my priorities. But I found a very cool website that I think we all should no about. The website helps people expand their vocabulary and sends aid to to the united nations for their programs to end world hunger. So please take a look at Me and my wife had a great time with the site.

Basically you try and define words and each correct answer you get, rice is donated to help end world hunger. Helping hungry people is definitely a worthwhile cause.


Jaden said...

wow, I'll definitely check this out. Thanks!

- Jaden

Petula Wright said...

Cool! I'll check it out! I hope you're feeling better!

stars said...

Bored at home on Christmas and i stumbled across your blog on Google. Love it! I would love if you would check out mine as well..

David Edward Oliver, B.S. said...

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